Training and Consultation for Clinicians

Nikki Winchester and Desirae Allen, DBT therapists, share a laugh while sitting on couches with DBT books and laptops, discussing DBT training options

We provide training and consultation in DBT and DBT program implementation in Cincinnati and nationwide. No matter where you are at in the process of implementing DBT, we’ve got something to fit your needs!

We provide training and consultation in MI and MET to help you help your clients make the changes they want to make.

Nikki Winchester sits on a chase lounge in front of a bookshelf, ready to provide motivational interviewing (MI) and/or motivational enhancement therapy (MET) training

Contact us if you are a clinician who is interested in registering for a training, booking a workshop, or want more information about how the Cincinnati Center for DBT can help you incorporate DBT or MI into your program.

Dr. Nikki Winchester, DBT Therapist, types on her laptop with a handout of the DBT Wise Mind skill next to her.


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