DBT Training and Consultation for Clinicians

DBT Trainings and Workshops

We provide training and consultation in DBT based on your goals and the needs of your clients, both at home in Cincinnati and nationwide. We offer a variety of levels and types of trainings, including a basic overview of DBT; how to integrate DBT principles, strategies, and skills into your existing practice; full-model DBT program implementation; and advanced DBT training and adaptations. Whatever your training needs may be, we can personalize a training for you and your setting.

DBT Consultation

We offer one-time or ongoing DBT consultation services that are personalized to meet your individual and program goals. DBT Consultation services include, but are not limited to, review and feedback on video- or audio-recorded sessions, advanced feedback on adherence and fidelity to the DBT treatment model, preparation for DBT Certification, expanding your range of DBT interventions, targeting therapy-interfering behaviors, and strengthening the effectiveness and adherence of your DBT team. DBT clinical case consultation is designed to improve your effectiveness as a DBT provider or team and can include improving case conceptualization skills, increasing use of commitment strategies, DBT skills training, utilizing behavioral chain analyses, and using DBT strategies (e.g., irreverence). DBT program consultation focuses on establishing and maintaining a successful DBT program and can include utilizing DBT and the functions of treatment in your setting, running a sustainable DBT consultation team, integrating clinical outcome measures, and increasing administrative support for your DBT program.

DBT Program Implementation

Ready to start a DBT program? We can guide you through every step of the way. There can be many obstacles to overcome when starting a DBT program, including lack of knowledge, time requirements, conflicts with existing policies, administrative support, and more. Let us help you implement an adherent and sustainable DBT program! Our DBT implementation experience includes: community mental health centers, private practices, interdisciplinary teams in VA hospitals, and residential and outpatient substance use treatment centers.

DBT Skills Training

We offer intensive training in providing DBT skills training. This is a great opportunity for you to learn or improve your understanding and ability to teach DBT skills or run a DBT skills training group. We cover how to structure a DBT skills training group or DBT-informed group and model how to teach the DBT skills. You can join the rolling cohort or we can consult with you on how to best utilize DBT skills training in your setting.

Join a DBT Training Cohort

Want to receive comprehensive training in DBT but don’t have a team to learn with? Join one of our DBT training cohorts to learn alongside other clinicians taking the journey with you. Spots are open until the cohort is full.


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