DBT Skills for Depression

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Depression looks like a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Sometimes it can look like staying in bed and not showering for a week.  Other times, depression manifests as constant and intense self-criticism.  And other times it looks like being incredibly irritable.  Sometimes it’s all of the above.   Whatever form depression … Read more

Increasing Emotional Regulation with 3rd Person Self-Talk

Most of us have heard of the cliché, and maybe even felt as if, “I can give great advice to others, but I can’t seem to take my own.” Ever wondered why that is? While this may be no surprise to some, it is related to the way we speak and think to ourselves.  Recently, … Read more

TikTok Trends: 8D Audio

Welcome back to our series, TikTok Trends! We’re looking at popular trends on TikTok that can positively and effectively benefit our mental health. Remember: no social media account, even a licensed professional, replaces actual therapy and should only be used for entertainment purposes.  Scrolling on TikTok one night, I came across a video that said … Read more

Crisis Survival Strategies

 The other day a warning light came on in my car. I remember having the thought, “you have to be kidding me” I have a fairly new car and felt as if it was too early for this car to start having problems. After some time, I recognized it didn’t matter what I thought or … Read more

Benefits of Online DBT therapy for Teens:

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For teens, they are constantly pulled and moving in so many directions.  They are always on the move somewhere or need a ride to the next thing that is going on in their social circle.  It is difficult for many parents to keep up on them, ensure that they sit down to eat a nutritious … Read more

Social Media and Teens

As we are probably very acutely aware, our world is rapidly changing. The development of technology, the internet, and subsequently, social media, has had a huge impact on the world. We’re now able to get real time updates on events happening all over the world, we can connect with people we haven’t seen in years, … Read more

Introduction to Techniques Used in DBT Couples Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a third-wave evidence-based treatment that has been proven to be effective for individuals with borderline personality disorder and a range of mental health difficulties with underlying emotion dysregulation. DBT has recently been adapted to improve evidence-based behaviorist approaches to couples therapy, primarily by Dr. Alan Fruzzetti, professor of psychology and … Read more

Let’s Talk about Eating 

*Content Warning: This blog contains information related to eating disorder behaviors. Please take care of yourself when reading.*   “I can skip lunch again.”  “If I eat this meal, I’ll go run 5 miles.” “Let me weigh myself one more time.” “Just one more bag of chips and then I’ll stop.”   At different times … Read more

Individual Sessions in DBT

DBT Linehan Board Certified DBT Clinician, Nikki Winchester, providing evidence based DBT using a DBT diary card

What to Expect from Individual DBT Sessions If you’re considering starting the comprehensive DBT program at the Cincinnati Center for DBT (CCDBT), you probably have a few questions about what you can expect. Pre-treatment orientation The first 4-5 sessions in the DBT program are set up to orient you to DBT. While this can be … Read more

What is Radical Acceptance?

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Radical acceptance stands as the most challenging and most freeing DBT skill I have ever learned.  Radical acceptance is fully and truly affirming reality, just as it is. This means letting of resisting things you cannot change.  In religious circles, the serenity prayer captures radical acceptance; “grant me the serenity to accept the things I … Read more