Benefits of Online DBT

Have you ever called to cancel an appt or delayed even scheduling because your schedule is just too hectic at times?  Or have you ever felt that you dont have enough time in the day to take care of yourself because you are an incredible caregiver to so many others?  Wouldnt it be nice to be able to stay in the comfort of your own home and still attend your appointments, run errands and still meet deadlines?  Well, YOU CAN! 

Man sitting at table with laptop having Telehealth session

At CCDBT, we provide the luxury of therapy from your very own home through Telehealth appointments.

What is Telehealth?

It is the ability to use communication technology that uses the internet through devices like a smartphone, tablet or computer to provide a platform to meet with your DBT therapist.



What are the benefits of Online DBT?

1. You can remain in a safe and healthy environment. Because you are home, you don’t have to worry about getting sick or passing something on to someone else.  Added bonus, if you are sick, you can still attend your appointment and don’t have to reschedule.

2. TIME! You will get some time back in your day because you don’t have to account for travel time to and from the appointment.  You just have to sign on to your Telehealth appt.  It only takes a couple of minutes of prep time. 

3. It is more comfortable! Some have found that they are more comfortable meeting virtual rather than in-person. Sometimes, it is hard to to meet new people in-person.  It can create a lot of anxiety.  This allows you to meet someone new without leaving your own home and creates some space for you.

4. You never have to worry about weather, traffic or road construction! It cuts the worry of delays out.

5. Proximity doesn’t have to be a factor. You don’t have to live near by!  As long as you live within the licensing scope of the therapist, you are good to go! It is such a great benefit because you are not restricted to your local area and can find the practice and therapist that best meets your needs! 

6. It is hard to have the energy and motivation to leave your home at times. As long as you are in a private and safe location, we can meet you where you are to help provide the support to move forward!

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What do I do next?

Whether you are struggling with addiction, anxiety, eating disorders, or any mental health needs, we are here to meet with you.  It takes a brave step to seek help and we want to you to know that we are here when you are ready.  

Telehealth is convenient and something that you can do today.  It is that simple. If you would like to make an appointment today, Click here.