Understanding Sexual Fluidity

gay bisexual sexual fluidity

Sexual fluidity refers to ways that sexual orientation evolves over the lifespan. Some individuals have a considerable degree of sexual fluidity, while other individuals experience their sexual orientation as primarily stable throughout their lifespan. Understanding sexual fluidity is important to decrease stigma toward individuals that may experience shifts in their sexual orientation labels or the … Read more

Stop! In the Name of Love

Through theories like Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and experiments like psychologist Harry Harlow’s infamous attachment study, scholars have demonstrated that individuals have an innate need for love, belonging, and relationships. Individuals often experience challenges getting these needs fulfilled however when they are faced with conflict while navigating their relationships. One of the most prominent … Read more

Parent-Adolescent Gender Identity Conflict

transgender child on a swing rainbow

Managing Conflict between Parents and Adolescents regarding Gender Identity If you are a parent or adolescent with conflict or disagreement about how to approach the topic of gender identity, you are not alone. While each generation of parenting brings different challenges, conflict between parents and children regarding gender identity is particularly difficult due to the … Read more

Tips for Summertime Depression

summer sadness depressoin dbt field sunset

Most of us have heard of seasonal depression and we tend to associate it with winter time. Less commonly talked about, yet just as serious, there are some of us who experience depression during the summer time. People do have less intense versions of this, and you may have heard of the “summertime blues.” Summertime … Read more

DBT Skills for Grief

statue of person mourning

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills are categorized into four modules: mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. Each module has a specific purpose geared towards helping clients live their life worth living . DBT skills can be applied to an array of life problems and difficulties including grief. Grief, as many of us know, … Read more

Effective Couples Therapy Factors

If you have ever had the experience of going to couples therapy and leaving more confused or dissatisfied than you were going into therapy, you are not alone. Unfortunately, many couples have not found the clarity that they were looking for in couples therapy, and having put forth substantial effort to engage in the process, … Read more

Shame: An Adaptive Response to Trauma

 “Shame is the warm feeling that warm feeling washing over us, making us feel small, flawed, and never good enough” -Brené Brown The physical experience of shame includes hot flushing, the strong urge to hide and put your head down, and difficulty speaking.  Shame brings on self-critical thoughts such as “who do you think you … Read more

Toxic Relationships With Mothers & Tips for Managing Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly and as with all holidays, it can bring some uneasy feelings for some individuals. Most of us are brought up in society, believing and sometimes directly told that the relationship should be rewarding and close for both parties, yet rarely do we hear open discussions of dissatisfying relationships with your … Read more

Don’t Spill the Tea

spill the tea dbt

It is no secret that humans have an innate need for love, belonging, and relationships. The extent to which individuals are successful in developing these things however varies depending on a host of factors (e.g., social involvement, personality, etc.). One of the most prominent factors that serves as a vessel for fostering and also deterring … Read more

EMDR- A Holistic Healing Process

  EMDR is a holistic approach to healing trauma. Through EMDR processing, traumatic neural networks are integrated into adaptive networks, leading to healing. This post is to help explain what neural networks are, how they’re formed, and how EMDR doesn’t just target memories, but rather targets and heals entire neural networks to ensure a holistic approach … Read more